Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All The Hoos Down in Hooville

Headline: "Cities Deal with a Surge in Shanty Towns" New York Times

During the Depression, shanty towns sprouted up all over the country called Hoovervilles. Not sure what they will call ours--Bushvilles or Obamavilles. Not that it matters.

Does it not make you angry with all the fake histronics about the AIG bonuses? Christopher Dodd knew damn well what he was doing when he slipped in the last bailout plan the clause about bonuses, so his fake shock is disgusting and criminal. For Congress to go after the bonuses with the power of the IRS is foul. Let them have the balls to look at the so-called sacrosanct contracts that 'forces' them to give the money for bonuses. Wouldn't you love to see the contract that lets some scumball financial wizard get a huge bonus even though his company is now jeopardizing the whole financial system? Oh, yes. Where are the great Watergate type reporters looking into that?

Every time Congress turns around, they are making a bad situation worse. Tariffs, taxes, earmarks, pork. Pelosi is a pig. Leave it to San Francisco to keep sending someone that moronic back to Congress all the time. Remember, people, this is YOUR money they are throwing around, not THEIR money. They point a gun to your head, threaten you with seizure of your property and confiscation of your bank accounts if you do not pay up. They should think long and hard about every dollar they spend when it is seized from us.

Maybe they will give some back to us because now we will be poor.

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Karen Carter said...

oh man i wrote this long comment and then it was gone? ok since you love random get busy...leave the state of current affairs aside and just give me your random weird thoughts like I did.
I am just jealous because you always have so much to write about. And my head is too often blank. I will be checking back xoxo