Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Little Bear Went to Market

Wow. The market closed down 281 points today. I am watching my retirement fund vanish in front of my very eyes. I truly would love to go "John Galt" right now. Atlas Shrugged is here and I wish I knew where Galt's Gulch was. (Click on the graph to see it bigger. Warning: May cause premature gray hair.)

I am sick and tired of the takers. Stop reaching into my pocket because YOUR compassion demands it. Another Boston Tea Party is not even worth it. Who would take over? Another zombie idiotic politician from either party. The Republican Party is Dead. Both parties are only arguing about how fast to eat the corpse of the American taxpayer.

Time to downsize, check out, simplify. If you are productive, if god forbid you are successful and make money, you will be taxed into oblivion and made to feel like shit for succeeding because obviously you succeeded on the backs of the little people. I am a little person, I make a LOT less than $100,000, and I do not want to contribute one more dime than necessary to Arnold, Obama, or whatever politician du jour is in power. Because I pay taxes unlike Obama's cabinet (the compassionate bastards that they are), I am going to see how much I can cut back on earning and spending.

How on earth is this going to end? Markets all over the world are crumbling, not just here.

I am mad as hell right now.


Casey said...

I guess you don't want to go get coffee than? Are you as "Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore" as quoted in the great film "Network" by Peter Finch? or Mad like John&Ken?

Jeanne said...

Hey Kat - Finally decided to get caught up a little bit on the blog. You have been on a blogging rampage! I love it! I share your sentiments about the economy, and we're doing so much downsizing right now it's not even funny. I am still feeling blessed and even have some hope. Not for the state of the economy but in general. Keep your chin up and keep blogging. I love it.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

If I could go nuts on national TV I probably would. How much fun would that be~! I may flake on my sister and go to the John and Ken Tax Revolt this Saturday. My brother is going. But really, what the hell good is it going to do?

Bless you Jeanne~! Little rays of sunshine make my day. Glad to see you back in blogland. I am waiting for you to comment on "A Test of Faith". I want to hear your spin on that one~!

Jeanne said...

What is a John and Ken Tax Revolt? Keep in mind I live in the backwards state...

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

John and Ken are on KFI 640 on the AM dial. They are funny and loud and they are holding the feet of the politicians to the fire right now. They have a HUGE audience and when you piss them off, be careful. Even the governator mentioned them just recently. Of course, not in a flattering manner but that makes it all the more funny to me and to John and Ken.

This Saturday is a huge tax revolt get together that they are putting on in Fullerton and I really want to go but it is my nephew's birthday and I am already a charter member of the sucky aunt club, so I should not miss his birthday. And my cousin and her son might be coming out to stay with me this weekend, but they are headed to Disneyland, so I do not have to entertain them.

You did leave at a good time. Give Dave my best with the job hunting.