Monday, March 16, 2009

That wasn't me. Honest. It was PMS.

Okay, I so feel like the lady in the car who gets her door dinged first. You could have said you were sorry, but no, the snarky rude lady chastises her for her tone and then makes a snide comment. I am so sick of the president, of congress, of the banks, of every fat-headed stooge on the financial TV news, I could scream.

Today Yahoo! Shine had an article on Bernie Madoff and yours truly popped off in a mad PMS moment. Truthfully, I cannot remember the last time I felt like this--irritated, cranky. I bet if I looked in the mirror, I would see Maxine. If you jump to the link, I am posting as Kat. I rarely go off like that online. Manners are a good thing and I like to practice them whenever possible.

But I have had it with articles like this. We have spent our whole lives, well, us boomers anyway, hearing things like "Invest over the long run." "Save for your retirement." "Diversify." Blah. Blah. Blah. Okay, I want to know how on earth us ordinary people out here in reality land can do our "due diligence" when fat-headed politicians like Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Christopher Dodd who are supposed to be our eyes and ears and voice in Congress do not do their due diligence. In fact, they sold us down the river. Or perhaps the SEC? No. Okay, maybe the FDIC? Dang, running out of letters in the alphabet here.

What really got my goat was being chastised by Rainie for not being polite and minding my manners. I said the article was fatuous and fat-headed and then I quoted Jon Stewart who dropped the 'F' bomb on Jim Cramer reaming him a new one on his show. (You have to see the videos, they are hysterical.) There is a comment in their Yahoo article left by a commenter about hanging someone, someone else says they have no pity for anyone who lost money, but I get told to be nice. You know, Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor had his foundation money with Bernie Madoff, but no, no pity there. Sheesh. Nice. I did not say the author of the article was fat-headed. I don't know that for a fact, so it is up for debate. I was making a comment on the article itself.

That is why they always say to think before you speak, but they they also say he who hesitates is lost. Go figure.

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