Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn Tootin' They Would~!

As anybody who knows me knows, I am not a dog lover. I am a dog putter-up with type person; I tolerate them at best. But, I do love dogs who are well-behaved, the cool dogs of the world. I have discovered though that the coolest dogs in the world tend to have the coolest owner, and after watching the "Dog Whisperer" for countless hours, I realize that that is no accident.

Some dogs have these great personalities already, but you team them up with an awesome owner, and the results are magic. Did you ever see the video about "Skidboot?" Get out your kleenex when you watch it, but it is well worth watching.

The last line of the first video is a classic--"Would the dogs eat this?" I have seen our dogs eat some of the nastiest things imaginable. What is such a delicacy about cat poops? Dead rodents and lizards? For you people who let your dogs lick your face....yuck. I see what my dogs lick and it ain't pretty.

Please, don't send the PETA police after me (although I guess that would be fun, too). I do own 2 dogs, Bo, a fat weiner dog, age 12 or so, and Indy, half Chihuahua and half Papillon. In my time as a mom in the trenches, we have owned a horse, a cockatiel, dwarf hamsters, fish, cats, and dogs. I love when dog owners tell funny stories about their dogs. Nancy has cute stories about her adorable dog, Chloe, and "her" park. I keep trying to convince her to write the stories down because they are funny and she so loves her dog.

But dogs will eat anything and I bet they would have enjoyed the hell out of the stuff pulled out of the freezer, even if they barfed it all up later.


Jeanne said...

Well, you know me. I LOVE dogs. Skidboot is a great story and I'm glad you posted about him. There's just something about dog following you and keeping close to you that is special. Timber follows me around from room to room, and in these weeks of being alone in the house before I start working that was a huge blessing to me. Plus he's beautiful to look at, smart, and just a great dog with the whole family. Dogs. Yay!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

See, that is exactly what I'm talking about. Timber is a cool dog and I know he has to be because you are a great pack leader. I would like to one day have a big dog but as soon as I say that I know I am not a good pack leader, at least not now. My patience level is too low right now.

When my wiener dog barks, all I want to do is run outside and commit mayhem until he is quiet. For some reason, incessantly barking dogs are like torture for me. But everyone loves him, and so, even though he smells horrible, I let him live. LOL. Honestly, my sis in law says he has is a puff of pew. I say he smells like the worst fart ever.

I'm glad you liked Skidboot. I could watch it over and over.

Jeanne said...

Worst..fart...smell...EVER!!!! HAHAHA I thought that was flipping hilarious!

The thing you have to understand is that you have a little hound - he's going to bark a lot. That's what they do. All of us at the big dog park hate the small dog park. They are very yappy and think nothing of rushing at you from behind their fence. The big dog park seldom has barking dogs. The only big dogs that consistently bark are bassets or poodles. Everyone else is pretty quiet. Tim never barks unless there's someone outside. I like it. You should get a big lab. Great dogs and they're clean and want to please. Perfect!