Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sucky Aunt Club

My sister-in-law (JuJuBeez) and I are charter members and founders of "The Sucky Aunt Club." We even wanted to start an e-card web site with sucky aunt cards you could send to all these near and dear to you. I distinctly remember the time I was racing to go to our nephew's birthday. I had actually managed to buy a card, put his name on it, and seal it, but on the way down to San Diego, remembered that I left it at home. I frantically called JuJuBeez and she says she got a card. It was sealed but they would open it up for me so I could put some money in it and sign the card. We mangled that card good getting it open again, but I am sure he did not care. What makes it really bad, though, his mom is like supermom and super aunt. We got a thank you card from him and everything. Sigh. It really sucked.

So my sister is also a super aunt. It can be rather nauseating. But she has finally crossed over into the dark side with us. She admitted to being a sucky aunt. It was a pretty snarky e-mail she sent, but at least she admitted to it. We may lose her quickly, though. She is already looking for a 12-step program for this malady. That also sucks.

To further cement my place in The Sucky Aunt Club, I did not go to my nephew's birthday lunch yesterday, I went to the John and Ken Tax Revolt. I only get partial credit for sending my daughter and boyfriend in my place.

They like her better anyways.

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