Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poms Poms in Peking

ABC News

Cheerleading in China~! Go America. Conquering the land of the Forbidden City with poms poms and pyramids. As the mom of a former high school cheerleader, this absolutely tickled my fancy. I missed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last year, so I missed the cheerleaders. I had no idea it had become a big deal there.

How does a country go from ugly ass Chairman Mao suits to short skirts, wiggling hips, and basket tosses? Can you imagine a Communist version of "Bring It On"? I would love to see a competition between a Chinese cheerleading squad and one from the south. That would be one heck of a reality show. Do they have the tradition of Homecoming games and alumni?

Tyranny cannot last long when freedom comes with glitter and poms poms.


Karen Carter said...

Sorry...made you look! My OCD was in full swing last night. Changed my background at least 10 times and tweaked the post at least three. Bunco Blast didnt sound very good.
But thanks for stopping by...again : )

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

You absolutely made my day! Are you sure we were not separated at birth? There must be an OCD nursery somewhere. I love to tease you all in good fun! Love Kat