Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Driven Nuts

Don McLean American Pie

This song drives me nuts. This song does, too.

Most anything by Willie Nelson or the Beach Boys sends me over the edge. I probably could learn to like Willie again, but unfortunately he was my ex's favorite musician so he always played it all the time. I am a rock and roll girl, the louder the better. But I tolerated Willie for years and even learned to love The Highwaymen, but when only one person gets to choose the music for a road trip, it gets old after awhile. I remember playing some Billy Idol, Rebel Yell I believe, and totally getting all into it and thinking, man, this really puts me in the mood, when he came in, turned OFF the music, turned ON Willie and said this really put him in the mood. WTF. Who cares what puts a man in the mood? Doesn't everything put them in the mood? I was married long enough and had enough friends to know if something puts a wife in the mood, man, you better play that stuff a lot~! Maybe he was tone deaf. He certainly had no clue what music rocked my world.

So, in the end, it came down to Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Apologies to The Clash. They rock.


Jeanne said...

Paying attention definitely pays off. Sorry Kat. That just sucks.

My husband likes really heavy metal which makes me feel like I'm sitting in a train hurtling 100 mph over bumpy tracks. It's teeth and soul jarring to me. I can't do it. If I can't hear the words to a song, it won't move me (usually.) Maybe that's why I'm a sucker for the standards. "At last, my love has come along, and my lonely nights are over, and life is like a song...." couple that with the beautiful strings accompanying and I'm swept away. Also - "You give your hand to me, and then you say hello, and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so..." I love those songs! The mood, the tempo, the musicality of it all, the lyrics. Beautiful. Not my all time favorite, but high up there.

Yay, music!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

You know what's funny is I have recently "discovered" heavy metal and love it...I cannot seem to get enough of it. But my all time favorite song would have to be Moonlight Serenade by the Glenn Miller orchestra. The music from When Harry Met Sally, or Sleepless in Seattle, I love it. It used to bug me to no end that I went out of my way to learn to like his music but it was never reciprocated...even if it was to know what kind of music I liked~!

Yay,music is right~!